Production process

Step 1: Harvest and process sedge / water fern ingredients

In the sedge / water hyacinth season, people harvest, cut by machine or by hand, the raw material plants that are qualified for knitting.

The ingredients are then dried or dried to reach moisture and color, then stored and delivered to the knitting man.

Step 2: Knit into the raw product

According to customer requirements, the company design team will design suitable products and be accepted by the customer.

After being confirmed by customers, the Company will deliver samples and knitting in series at the craft village, and assign knitting skills and experience to knit for decades in the profession.

Step 3: Purchase and clean the product

The knitting products in the craft village are collected and checked at the purchasing department.

All qualified products are imported.

Then the product is cleaned with water, surface glue treatment and accessories are added according to the request of the confirmation form.

Step 4: Drying / drying

If the weather is good – sunny and dry, products after dipping will be dried in the factory yard to take advantage of natural solar energy.

Then, the product is put into the industrial drying oven until the required humidity is reached.

Step 5: Package and stamping

Products after reaching the required moisture content, will be brought out trimming and packing.

At the request of customers, the product will be supplemented with labels, barcode stamps, product packages, … and packed into cartons.

Step 6: Check the goods and load up the container